school suppliesFor all grades

-Loose leaf binder, lined loose leaf paper, and dividers
-Pocket folders – one should be labeled “Notices”. Students should be encouraged to put all
notes and notices from the school in that folder. Parents should check this folder frequently.
-Page protectors
-Pens (blue or black) and #2 pencils with erasers
-Book bag or backpack
-4-5 marble-cover composition books (to be kept at home until needed)
-1 box of tissues
-1 ream of copy paper (white)
-All 7th grade students and 8th grade students need scientific calculators. We recommend that they purchase a Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator. This is the model that we generally use in the classrooms.
-Those students who take the Algebra I Regents will also need a Texas Instrument TI-83 Graphing        Calculator. Students will use graphing calculators for their Algebra I coursework and scientific    calculators for NYS test practice.
-The science department recommends that each student have a flash drive.
-Each teacher will provide students with a list of supplies needed for their class.
-Gym uniforms and locks are mandatory and will be available for purchase.
All students are required to bring in a book for independent reading throughout a year.
Do not bring to school:
-Book bags on wheels Locks White-out
-Liquid glue Permanent Markers Compass
Standards of Dress:
-No short-shorts or mini-skirts. Skirts and shorts must be at least finger-tip length, even if you are
wearing leggings.
-No tank tops, halter tops, midriff tops, camis, shirts that fall off the shoulders, or bathing suit tops.
-All shirts must have sleeves. No inappropriate sayings or pictures on any garments or
-No flip-flops or any backless shoes or slippers – all shoes must have backs or straps.
-No hats, bandanas, scarves (except for religious head coverings). Hoods on hoodies may not be
worn on the head in school.
-No cut-offs.
-No pajama pants.
-No sagging or baggy pants. Pants must cover the underwear.
-Jeans should not be ripped in inappropriate places (backside, etc.)
If you are inappropriately dressed, you will be detained in the office, and your parent(s)/guardian will     be called to bring appropriate clothing to you.