school daysFor all grades

 Our school day is from 8:10am -2:30pm

Extended Day instruction is for students mandated to receive additional help. Teachers are available for all students who want extra assistance. Enrichment classes will be offered by the school in the following weeks.

Lunch Periods – School Lunch Form
4th period lunch  6th grade 10:43am – 11:24am
5th period lunch – 7th grade 11:28am – 12:09pm
6th period lunch – 8th grade  12:13pm – 12:54pm

Free breakfast is available for all students from 7:30am to 8:00am Students enter the cafeteria through the main entrance between 7:30am – 7:50am.

Lunchtime- students are asked to remain silent for the first five minutes while the lunch aides make announcements. Students may go to the yard during weather-permitting days after they have finished eating. Students may also bring their own lunch to school. Please make sure that the food is packed so it does not spoil, as there is no refrigeration available. Students must also carry their lunch with them until lunchtime.

Attendance – Good attendance is needed for success in school. If your child is absent, please have him/her bring in a signed note (with a physician or parent signature) to the homeroom teacher the day your child returns to school. Students must attend BOTH AM and PM homeroom periods to be marked present for the day. If your child is mandated for Extended Day, this is to give them the help they need to pass their course(s) and exam(s). Please emphasize the importance of attendance to both regular and extended day classes.

Lateness – If your child arrives late to school, s/he must obtain a late pass from the front desk in the main entrance or in the main office and return it to the homeroom teacher at the next opportunity.

The school’s automatic voice-messenger system will call you every day your child is late or absent. If you are not receiving these calls, please contact the Parent Coordinator.

Pupil Path– is a student information system for parents and students. Pupil Path allows parents and students to view important student and school information such as student attendance records, class schedule, assignment due dates, grades, school announcements and more. This is a convenient tool for both parents and students to keep up with class work and student performance. PLEASE ACTIVATE BOTH PARENT ACCOUNT AND STUDENT ACCOUNT! If you have any trouble signing up or have not registered, please contact the parent coordinator today.*** For incoming students, the pupil path letter with your registration code will be sent home with your child in September.

NYC Schools Account– you can view your child’s attendance, grades, assessments, and contact information in one of ten languages on a computer, phone, or tablet. You must be your child’s parent or legal guardian and live at the same address to create an account. If you have more than one child attending an NYC school, all children may be linked to the same NYC Schools Account. You can register for an NYC Schools Account with the Account Creation Code provided in the letter from your child’s school. Please contact the parent coordinator.

Planners – The PTA provides each student with a free planner at the beginning of the school year. Have your child use it to organize their homework and assignments. If a planner is lost, replacements are available for a nominal fee.

Gym Uniforms– are required for your child’s physical education class at Russell Sage JHS. To streamline this process, you will now have the ability to order your child’s gym uniform online at Smooth USA. If you have any questions e-mail the Shoko Obata, Parent Coordinator or Ms. Monahan AVP.

Coats/Outerwear during the Winter – Coats and outerwear are to be hung up in the homeroom closets. If students are late to school in the morning, they will have to hang their coats in the Late Room and retrieve it after PM homeroom. Students may not retrieve their coats from their homeroom closets during the day.

Dress code – Students must come to school appropriately dressed.
• No short-shorts or mini-skirts. Skirts and shorts must be at least finger-tip length, even if you are wearing leggings
• No tanks, halters, midriff tops, camisoles, or bathing suit tops. All shirts must have sleeves. No inappropriate sayings or pictures are allowed on any garments or accessories
• No flip-flops or slippers – all shoes must have backs or straps
• No hats, bandanas, scarves (except for religious head coverings), gang colors or gang insignia or beads.
• No cut-offs
• No pajama pants
• No sagging or baggy pants. Pants must cover underwear.
• Jeans should not be ripped in inappropriate places (backside, etc.)

If your child is inappropriately dressed, he/she will be detained in the office and you will be called to bring appropriate clothing to them.
Please see the Chancellor’s Regulations at for more information.

Electronics – No electronics (cell phones, iPods, PS2, MP3, etc.) are to be brought into the school building as per the Chancellor’s Regulations. If an electronic device is confiscated, it can only be returned to the child’s parent at a predetermined day and time.

No gum chewing at any time.

Water/Juice bottles – only juice boxes, juice pouches and unopened water bottles are allowed in school. Beverages are to be consumed during lunch and not during class time.

Bathroom Policy – Students may obtain a bathroom pass during class time, but not during the first or last ten minutes of class nor in between the time when students are switching classes unless it is an emergency. Bathrooms are open on the 1st and 2nd floors. The bathroom in the basement is open during lunch periods.