PRINCIPAL PAGE - Mr. John Greggo
Mission Statement – Russell Sage JHS 190 is a diverse, collaborative school community dedicated to achieving academic excellence for all students. Through standards-driven instruction, a nurturing environment, and the development of civic and social skills necessary to function productively in the world, we will create a family of life-long learners

 Greetings Russell Sage Community!

 As the school year draws to conclusion, it is important to reflect on the strides we’ve made together during the second half of the school year, as well as to look ahead to the great things coming to Sage in the new school year.
In terms of coursework and academic rigor, positive change is already well underway. Our teachers are redesigning our curriculum maps in order to raise the level of rigor in subject areas for all students. Looking ahead, expect the addition of Algebra 1 for all 8th grade students, culminating in the NYS Regents Examination in Algebra. Similarly, in science all 8th grade students will take the Living Environment course, culminating in the NYS Living Environment Regents Examination. Additionally, select 8th grade classes will be piloting a United States History course to prepare for the NYS Regents Examination in U.S. History to be taken at the course’s conclusion next June. In our English Language Arts classes, our curriculum is being revisited to increase the level of interpretive work. Our ELA departments are revising curriculum to include higher-level engagement with varied texts.
Since February, our school has launched the Respect For All initiative, which will grow in scope and depth upon our return to school in September. This important initiative builds acceptance of all by all. 
We’ve begun to increase communication between home and school through our Parent Newsletters designed to detail the goings-on at Sage. Initiatives designed to strengthen the connection between the school and home are in the planning phases and expected to come to Sage next year. Specifically, we look forward to a significant increase in parent workshops offered at Sage, as well as Parent Learning Walks.
We look forward to seeing our 8th grade families at our Graduation Ceremony on June 19, 2017.
Have a wonderful summer!
John Greggo
Principal, I.A.
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